The Psalms of Qorbanyahu


by Miykael Qorbanyahu aka The End Time Scribe

Psalm I

  1. Would a child separate the cord of life in the womb from itself? Or would a nursing babe forsake the breast that gives it suck?
  2. Yet the children of Zion receive not the blessings from above!
  3. Why are you so foolish, O brutish ones? Is it too far off for you to consider your ways?
  4. For behold, the birds of the heavens spread their wings and fly! Yet Yisrael knows not that they are My messengers.
  5. How long, O My beloved ones, will you forsake My covenant? Have I not taken you into My bride-chamber and shown you My esteem? Did I not redeem you from the hand of your paramours & cleanse you?
  6. Yet, still you have sought your lovers in the land to which I brought you for My Name’s sake to show the nations My ways! Return to Me My bride, and receive My love!
  7. But now look, your men burn in lust together, your women embrace one another in filth and your children’s eyes behold the entirety! Is that not an abomination unto Me?
  8. Have I not said, “you shall not lie with a man as one lies with a woman” (Leviticus 18.22). But my Truth you have despised.
  9. Therefore, thus says the Master YHWH, “because you have rejected the Torah of your Mighty One, I, too, will reject your children” (Hoshea 4.6).

Psalm II

  1. O why are you so faithless, Yahqob? How are you not able to see that it is I Who love you? Have you forgotten the wonders and promises that I have shown and declared?
  2. For you have spurned the vows of My covenant and set your face against Me.
  3. Therefore your land languishes, your fruits fail, your soil hardens, your waters run dry and sickness spreads throughout the earth. All the people have become covered with soreness.
  4. As it is written, “from the sole of the foot even unto the head, there is no soundness in it; but wounds, bruises and putrifying sores: they have not been closed, neither bound up, neither mullified with ointment” (Yeshayahu/Isaiah 1.6).
  5. Even your offspring come forth from the womb covered in lies, hating My Name. What have I done unto you, O Yisrael, that your thoughts have become so distant from Me?
  6. Why have you desired for others to enter into you that you might become one flesh with another? Do you not know, O Yahqob, that My very Name is jealous? Do you not see that you have kindled My wrath, O Yahudah?
  1. Do not be so hard hearted like your forefathers who were struck down because of their disbelief! Were they not punished in the wilderness after I betrothed them because they did not enter into My rest and disobeyed?
  2. Day and night I have cried unto you, O Yisrael, yet My Words fell not on your heart. Yet, the voices of others you have heeded, but they shall deceive you and utterly forsake you.
  3. Therefore, I have called another to provoke your jealousy that you may know that it is you, O stiff-necked one, that has tempted Me unto anger.
  4. For they will fulfill My Words and honor My covenant; they will follow My ways and say that they have set themselves apart for My Name’s sake.
  5. Then will you see that it is I Who am True; you will know that it is I Who am Faithful; you will remember that I, YHWH, am your Mighty One, O Yisrael. Then will you humble yourself, turn from your wicked ways, pray, seek My face and be healed and forgiven.
  6. After that I will pour My Spirit on you, O My beloved one; I will wash you with the water of My Word, O My bride; I will remove your hardened heart and plant you again in the garden of My love, and I will give you the land that I promised to your fathers Abraham, Isaac and Yahqob as an inheritance, because it is I Who have kept My covenant with you despite your infidelities.
  7. For as a bridgegroom who has separated himself from his bride but for a time, yet remembers again his covenant, so too will I again love you when you return to Me, O Zion!

Psalm III

  1. HalleluYah! O how great are Your riches, Yah! For Your wisdom cannot be weighed and the knowledge of You is far better than all the wealth of the world; more desireable than all the precious stones of the earth.
  2. For with You is a mine field of life, and to understand Your ways is to turn back from fleshly desires.
  3. There is nothing like Your Word, O Yah. Sustaining all that You have spoken into being, Your commandments are everlasting!
  4. Blessed is the one that has made Your Truth the apple of their eye.
  5. Blessed is the one who partakes from Your Tree of Life.
  6. Blessed is the one who has drawn near to You so that Your Shekinah/Presence may dwell with them.
  7. For as the latter rain replenishes the harvest in its seson, so does Your Witness restore life to Your servents so that they might reap eternity.
  8. Therefore, I shall praise the Name of YHWH with all that is in me and I will give thanks to the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Yahqob. For there is none like unto You, O YHWH, in heaven or on earth. HalleluYah!

Psalm IV

  1. There is great reward in keeping the commandments of YHWH. But he who forsakes His ways, even what he does possess becomes naught.
  2. As heat warms the being when it is winter and cool water brings the throat relief in the scorching heat, so does the Word of Yah provide comfort to the soul in need.
  3. See, don’t all desire peace, health and happiness? Yet those who pursue vanity will be deceived by their desires and will never rise from the grave.
  4. Yea, the grizzly gathers its goods to close its eyes for a season, but rises from sleep when the appointed time has come. Selah.
  5. Though mighty rivers may run dry and mountains even crumble, the one who obeys the Father in heaven shall abide forever.
  6. For Your Law is living water, O Yah, and Your right-rulings are an immovable rock of righteousness.
  7. Observe YHWH’s statutes, O heavens, and shine; heed YHWH’s ordinances, O earth, and yield!
  8. For in so doing, you will add eternity to your years and inherit the heavens and the earth.
  9. Then will your days be spent in peace, and rejoicing be your cry. Because you have turned back from your wicked ways and have become as one healed of their sickness.
  10. For there is great reward in keeping the commandments of YHWH. But the one who forsakes His ways, even what he does possess shall become naught. Selah.

Psalm V

  1. Deliver my being, O YHWH. For I have become as one without a head, and my body has been fed to the mouth of the grave.
  2. I have become soiled with lies and my eyes cannot see the light. All day I sit in darkness
  3. And at night I seek to walk amongst the dead. O YHWH, how has your servant forgotten you?
  4. But You say, ‘would a bride forsake the covenant of her beloved? or would a bridgegroom send away the wife of his youth? Yet I, YHWH, shall never leave you nor forsake you.’ Selah.
  5. Therefore, help me to boldly return unto You, O Yah!
  6. For have You not declared, “I shall forgive their crookedness, and remember their sin no more.”
  7. Did you not promise, “I shall sprinkle clean water on you, and you shall be clean from all your filthiness and from all your idols.
  8. And I shall give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you. And I shall take the heart of stone out of your flesh
  9. And I shall give you a heart of flesh, and put My Spirit in you.
  10. And I shall cause you to walk in My laws and guard my right-rulings and you shall do them.”
  11. O my Redeemer and Savior, have mercy on my soul and bring me out of the pit.
  12. According to Your Word, O YHWH, deliver me.

Psalm VI

  1. The words of Qorbayahu, a son of Abraham.
  2. I have learned folly and have strayed from the paths of righteousness. I have also tasted the goodness of wisdom.
  3. What I have found is that in returning to one’s first love, there is an abundance of blessings awaiting.
  4. See, the pride of the haughty is a foul stench, but the lowliness of the meek is a pleasant aroma.
  5. Better to be lauded by the Most High than to receive the praises of the sons and daughters of earth.
  6. A fool looks to himself as the standard while the wise seek the face of YHWH.
  7. The upright speak in their heart, ‘I have need, ‘ and they who deceive themselves think, ‘I want.’
  8. A peaceful spirit, a peaceful mind, a healthy body; a longing spirit, an unstable mind, a diseased body.
  9. Love quenches the thirst of the heart but lust fans the fires of the flesh. Do not go astray my children.
  10. Let not he who is in error rebuke another in their way, for a hypocrite is worse than a sinner.
  11. He who waits on YHWH will not be ashamed, yet the one who makes haste will have frustration and woe.
    12. Like a man who sends away his wife and later realizes that he has lost himself, so is the one who forsakes the Torah of YHWH.
  12. There is a bondage that has not chains and a death that kills not the body;
  13. Just as there is a Tree whose fruits wither not and a Life that knows naught but eternity.
  14. Those who walk in the light are not as they who have entered the darkness.
  15. The wise know the difference between the night and the day, but a fool cannot discern right from left.
  16. For there is only one Truth, yet there are many lies!
  17. Yet a little while and what is hidden shall be made known. Selah.

Psalm VII

  1. O how sweet is the restoration of Yisrael; for the children of Zion to dwell in unity and righteousness together!
  2. O how great is the love of the Father of creation for His first-born of the earth; for He will make the nations to bow at the feet of His Son,
  3. And His bride to rejoice in Him always (Revelation 21.4)! For it is the Son’s pleasure to pour out His Spirit on His bride and to anoint her body with His fragrance.
  4. For those who look to the Son will never be in darkness; those who drink from the Son’s cup will have their thirst eternally quenched; those who sup with the Son will never hunger; those who kiss the Son will know true love and everlasting life. Selah.
  5. O that the children of earth might become one flesh with the Father’s Son!
  6. But the nations refuse to eat and be filled with His Body-the Bread of Life, the Manna from heaven. Yea, even the children of promise have counted as common the Blood of His covenant and have not become intoxicated with His Spirit.
  7. But blessed are they who have prepared themselves for the Wedding Feast of the Lamb, for on the Day of Judgment they will be pardoned.
  8. For those who have proclaimed the coming of the Great Day will become the Tabernacle of the Most High (Psalm 19.4); they will restore the Temple of the Almighty so that His Spirit may dwell with them (Revelation 21.3).
  9. For when the Trumpets sound, they will give thanks and sing praises to the King of kings, saying “HalleluYah, for Yah El Shaddai reigns” in heaven and on earth (Revelation 19.6)!
  10. For the Son has Atoned for their sins and has become their Passover Lamb. With great and enduring love for His bride, the Son laid down His life for her and brought forth her redemption. Selah.
  11. And because she has Unleavened the Bread of wickedness which she did before partake, on that day they will enter into the Sabbath Rest of the Father in heaven. Selah.
  12. O faithful bride of the True and Living One, watch and pray so that you may know that your Father in heaven is “compassionate, showing favor, patient, and great in kindness and truth,
  13. Watching over kindness for thousands, forgiving crookedness and transgression and sin, but by no means leaving unpunished,
  14. visiting the crookedness of the fathers upon the children and the children’s children to the third and the fourth generation” (Exodus 34.6-7).
  15. Therefore, live, seek righteousness and rejoice in your Father, O daughter of Zion; for His kindness is everlasting and His mercy endures forever.
  16. Know that His Son, your Bridgegroom, has inherited all things in heaven and on earth and has prepared a place for You in His Father’s mansion of many rooms. HalleuYah!

Psalm VIII

  1. Great is the forgiveness of the Almighty and mighty is the hand of the Most High to save.
  2. For He desires not that His creation should perish and forever dwell in the grave, but that all souls should return to Him and live. O seek the face of the Father, children;
  3. O behold the Son in love and truth you sons and daughters of Zion.
  4. His Word is a Tree of Life to all who partake of it, but they who hear not and go astray are they who have hated the Truth.
  5. Remember the days of Noah. For then, all men had corrupted their flesh and had done what was right according to their wicked hearts, doing all manners of perverseness. Yet it was Noah and his family who were the only on earth who had sought an escape and found it, then replenished the earth.
  6. But as they prepared, they endured mockery and rejection,
  7. Yet in the True and Living One they trusted, though they did not see His deliverance.
  8. When the storm came, however, were they not saved? Did their faith not shelter them from the deluge of destruction and the waters that washed away all wickedness?
  9. Recall Lot and the city of Sodom and Gomorrah. Did not the foul stench of the sins of that city reach unto the nostrils of heaven? Did the Father not send His messengers to warn the inhabitants to sin no more? Did they not receive the mercy and kindness of He Who smites nations and makes them no more? Yet did they not refuse and continuously rebel?
  10. Was it not Lot and his daughters alone who found favor in the eyes of the Mighty One of Abraham, Isaac and Yahqob and continue his posterity though his wife looked back and saw life no more?
  11. Need I remind you of Moses, Aharon and the rest of the Children of Yisrael’s deliverance from captivity?
  12. Was it too much of a matter for the Father of all spirits and all flesh to redeem His chosen seed from captivity and bondage? Did He not keep those who obeyed His Word from all manner of plagues and death? Did His awesome might not rebuke and topple the fearful and awesome kingdom of Pharaoh? Did the elements of creation not obey His command and do as He bid their service?
  13. Yet why, O children of wretchedness, do you still not know that there is none like YaHWaH, your Redeemer, in heaven and on earth?
  14. It is because of your sins and the vain desires of your deceitful heart; because you have trusted in what your eyes have seen and not in the Words of the Comforter.
  15. O you hard hearted and stiff-necked chidren, if only you were to humble yourselves and learn of His Ways so that you might inherit everlasting life.
  16. For great is the forgiveness of the Almighty and mighty is the hand of the Most High to save.

Psalm IX

  1. YaHWaH is good to His faithful ones and kind to those who observe His ways.
  2. Therefore I have made Him my praise and I boast in the Name of my heavenly Father! I make known His works and declare His salvation in the land of the living,
  3. So that they who are asleep might open their eyes and arise from their slumber.
  4. See, the wonders of the Most High, are they not awesome and marvelous?
  5. Therefore I rejoice in His righteousness; for He has done an excellent thing throughout the earth and He has become my salvation. Selah.
  6. They who receive His counsel are made whole; they who heed His guidance are delivered from the snares of death; they who guard His covenant will inherit His promises.
  7. Blessed is the one who has made the Rock of Ages their trust, for He shall make all their ways to prosper.
  8. Therefore I offer unto the Most High the sweet smell of prayer at acceptable times, I sacrifice slaughterings of righteousness on His altar with sincerity.
  9. Those who give ear to His Law, even their petitions and supplications are brought before His throne; those who keep His words are they who have become perfected. Selah.
  10. O give thanks to the Father in heaven and sing praises to His Name. For He is a rewarder of those who seek Him and do His will for their lives.
  11. Acknowledge that YaHWaH, the Mighty One of Yisrael, is the True and Living One and that there is none beside Him.
  12. For the day has come when “no longer shall they teach, each one his neighbor, saying ‘know the Father,’ for they shall all know Me, from the least of them to the greatest of them” (Jeremiah 31.34).
  13. For the Father has given them His only begotten Son and He has declared unto them, “if you had known Me, you would have know My Father too. From now on you know Him, and have seen Him.”
  14. “He who has seen Me has seen the Father and believe Me that I am in the Father and the Father in Me” (John 14.7-11). Selah.
  15. Therefore, I shall stay in the love of the Son so that I too might be in the Father. For if the Son makes you free, then you shall be free indeed” (John 8.36). HalleluYah!

Psalm X

  1. Behold! The four hundredth year approaches and the redemption of the seed of Abraham draws nigh (Genesis 15.14-15)!
  2. For He has hidden his children inside the belly of a beast; He has scattered the sheep amongst the nations and they shall return to their tents from the lands of the north (Jeremiah 16.15).
  3. O who shall stand against them when they are again joined together; who can rise against the nation that the Father of all flesh has established (Romans 8.31)?
  4. For when the dry bones of the valley are reassembled and receive their flesh and sinew and the Father will again breathe the breath of life in their nostrils (Ezekiel 37.1-10), the wicked will be no more (Isaiah 11.1-4). Selah.
  5. For the Mighty One of Abraham, Isaac and Yahqob has already declared the end and the beginning (Isaiah 49.3,12-13) and He has set-apart His peculair people to reveal unto the nations His righteousness (Deuteronomy 4.5-8).
  6. Blessed are they who become the Word made flesh in the Son (John 6.53-58).
  7. Yet again shall He make Yisrael as Aharon/Aaron, Yahudah/Judah as Moshes/Moses before Pharaoh, and the children that He sent to Egypt again by ships shall be delivered as it was before.
  8. For He has heard his children’s cry; their prayers have again come before His throne. For thus says the Mighty One of Yahqob, ‘My children are not as the seed of the serpent; they have not followed the course of the world. Therefore shall I deliver them for the last time from their enemies so that they may worship Me on my set-apart mountain in eterntity.’
  9. Shema/hear Yisrael! For the Son has declared, “enter in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leads to destruction and many are there which go in: because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leads unto life and few are there who find it” (Matthew 7.13-14).
  10. Here is wisdom: before the number “of a great multitude which no one could count, from every nation, race, people, and tongue [who] stood before the throne and before the Lamb, wearing white robes holding palm branches in their hands crying out in a loud voice: “salvation comes from our Mighty One, who is seated on the throne, and from the Lamb” (Revelation 7.9-10)
  11. Know that “the number of those who had been marked with the seal, [is] one hundred and forty-four thousand marked, from every tribe of the Israelites (Revelation 7.4).
  12. Though the Father has punished His children in a land not their own for their disobedience, He shall make the remnant seed break forth with power and might (Isaiah 10.20-22). Selah.

Psalm XI

  1. Thus says Yah, the Father of all flesh, ‘How has Yisrael become so blind that they do not see themselves;
  2. For their eyes have grown so dull that they cannot perceive their inheritance nor their wicked ways.
  3. They have become as a fruitless tree instead of the fertile olive tree that I have planted them to be.
  4. Yet even the nations recognize your esteem O Yahqob and fear you, but My people do not understand their greatness in Me.
  5. Therefore I have chosen the furnace of affliction for you My child, so that your wickedness may be done away with; so that your disobedience unto Me would be no more.
  6. But you have said O hard hearted one, “I shall follow after my heart and not be deceived.” Therefore, I continued to chastise you with My rod, but the more you were grieved, the more you rebelled.
  7. I even gave you shephards after my heart to lead you back to Me, showing them My moutain tops and My salvation, but instead of trusting in Me, your Father in the heavens, your heart still went after other mighty ones that are not mighty ones.
  8. If you would only return unto Me My beloved, I would give you all of your hearts desire.
  9. Look and see, you people with heavy eyes, did I not allow your heads to be cut off so that you should know that I have purposed your body first to be made strong.
  10. For have I not given you a body as I so wish? Are you not first sown a natural body then raised a spiritual body (1 Corinthians 15.44)? Did not the first man Adam say when his eyes first saw his wife, “for this is flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone” (Genesis 2.23)?
  11. And when they disobeyed My voice, were their eyes not opened to do evil so that they did cover themselves in animal skins to cloak their shame and hide themselves from Me, the All-seeing One and further separate themselves from Me in the garden of My love (Genesis 3.6-10)?
  12. Yet as I am the Eternal One, the Rock of Ages, does not my mercy endure forever and am I not He who pardons sins and faithful to forgive if one acknowledges their sins (1 John 1.9)?
  13. Therefore, take heart Yahqob and gird your loins Yisrael, for I have revealed and made known to you that you are My bride (Revelation 21.9). For she has “prepared herself for the marriage with the Lamb and she has been given to be dressed in fine linen, clean and bright (Revelation 19.7-8).
  14. Open your eyes and see O Yisrael that My Words are Trustworthy and True.
  15. Do the truth and “come to the light so that your works are clearly seen that they have been completed in Me, your Father in heaven (John 3.21). Did My Messenger Isaiah not speak to you to “look, [because] darkness cover the earth and thick darkness the peoples. But Yah arises over you, and His esteem is seen upon you.
  16. And the gentiles shall come to your light, and King’s to the brightness of your rising. Lift up your eyes, all around and see: all of them have gathered, they have come to you; your sons come from afar and your daughters are supported on the side.
  17. Then you shall see and be bright, and your heart shall throb and swell, for the wealth of the sea is turned to you, the riches of the gentiles come to you. Foreigners shall rebuild your walls, and their kings shall be your attendants; Though I struck you in my wrath, yet in my good will I have shown you mercy” (Isaiah 60.2-5,10).

Psalm XII

  1. Yahweh, the Master of hosts, has chosen Yahqob, His servant, to instruct in His ways; El Elyon, the Most High, has set apart Yisrael, His Son, with His splendid Torah/Law.
  2. From the seed of Adam through Seth, the Almighty has called forth a nation to reveal righteousness and salvation to the world. Through Noah, his wife, his three sons and their wives, the earth was redeemed from corruption because of the favor that they found in the eyes of the All-seeing One.
  3. It was in the tents of Shem that the house for the presence of the True and Living One was selected, and Eber was one of the first men on earth to cross over unto the realm of eternity, refusing to follow the course of the world unto confusion.
  4. Abraham was called out of the whoredoms of the Chaldeans in the kingdom of Nimrod to sojourn to a land which he had never seen. And because of his faith and obedience, he was promised to become the father of a great people who would inherit the Kingdom of heaven on earth and everlasting life.
  5. It was Isaac who Abraham bound on the alter at the command of the Almighty that served as a shadow of the offering that the Father in heaven made with His Beloved Son for the atonement of many.
  6. Because of his dream of the sun, moon and eleven stars bowing at his feet, as well as his father giving him a robe of many colors, Yosef was sold into slavery to the Ishmaelites by his very own brothers.
  7. In spite of his afflictions and temptations, Yosef remained faithful to his Mighty One and was granted power in a land not his own because of his wisdom and vision. And forgetting the wrongs and the jealousy and the hatred of his brothers, he forgave them when they came to him seeking refuge during a time of famine and established them in the fertile land of Goshen.
  8. Moses was hidden in the Nile by his sister because of Pharaoh’s word to murder all newborn Hebrew males. Discovered by Pharaoh’s daughter, he was given to his mother to nurse for a time.
  9. He was later brought into Pharaoh’s house and learned all the wisdom of the Egyptians only to refuse the luxuries of royalty to dwell with his people in servitude, eventually fleeing for his life because of taking the life of an Egyptian for wronging one of his kinsmen.
  10. While tending his father-in-law’s sheep, Moses encountered the Most High in a burning bush on Mount Horeb where he was told that he would be the deliverer of the Yisraelites from their bondage to the Egyptians in the Name of Yahweh.
  11. After spending forty years in the wilderness, only Joshua and Caleb brought back a good report from the land of Canaan, trusting in the might of the Most High, not fearing the giants that inhabited the land of their promise. Also the prostitute Rahab delivered her and her family’s life from the sword by making a covenant with Joshua and Caleb on the gate of the city of Jericho.
  12. Ruth was redeemed by Boaz after her husband died and she left her family to follow her mother-in-law Naomi, telling her “wherever you go I will go, wherever you lodge I will lodge, your people shall be my people, and your Mighty One my Mighty One” (Ruth 1.16) .
  13. A lowly shepherd boy named David fought with and slew the giant Goliath and became a great sovereign in Zion. His son Solomon built the first temple in Jerusalem for the Mighty One of his fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Yahqob, and was granted wisdom beyond compare.
  14. Elijah the Tishbite was one of seven thousand men who bent not his knee to Ba’al and called fire from heaven before four hundred and fifty prophets of Ba’al on Mount Carmel and then slew them by slitting their throats at the brook of Kishon (1 Kings 18.15-40).
  15. Against the decree of sovereign Nebuchadnezzar, Daniel and his two brethren continued to petition their Mighty One and refused to worship the golden statue and were delivered from both lion’s den and burning furnace.
  16. Before returning from exile in Babylon, a very large assembly of Yisraelites gathered around Ezra and wept greatly because of their transgressions. And demanding an oath from the chief of priests, the Levites and all of Yisrael, Ezra made the entire nation sware to put away all foreign wives and children born to them so that they might observe the entire Torah/Law of Yahweh with fullness of heart (Ezra 10.1-12).
  17. Behold a mystery! A man shall leave his father and mother and cling to his wife and the two shall become one flesh (Genesis 2.24). For as my Master has said, “everyone who has given up houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or lands for the sake of My Name will receive a hundred times more, and will inherit eternal life” (Matthew 19.1-29).
  18. O let us give thanks to the Most High for His deliverance and compassion and His comfort and kindness! Let us call upon His Name and sing songs unto our Father in heaven! For we are they with eyes who see and ears that hear! Though we are in exile, we expect the day to draw near when no false vision or flattering divination shall again be spoken. For we have heard the Word of Yah and it shall be done! Selah (Ezekiel 12.2-24).
  19. Those sealed in the Book of Life will be delivered from great distress and those with insight shall shine forth as the stars in the firmament and those who search diligently shall bear much fruit but the wrong shall not understand (Daniel 12.1-3)
  20. O my people, beware of flattering lips and double hearts and know that the Rock of Ages preserves His Words from this wicked generation, for they are unclean and covered with dross as silver unrefined.
  21. But the Father has anointed His Son and prepared His body. As it is written, “Hosanna! Blessed is He who is coming in the name of Yahweh” (Jonh 12.13).
  22. Therefore, let us follow the Son to everlasting life, for He has risen and has drawn all men unto Him. Let us walk in the Light while we have it lest darkness overtakes us. For he who walks in the darkness knows not where he is going. So let us believe in the Light and become children of the Light.
  23. Let us believe the report and embrace the Good News. Let us see with our eyes and hear with our ears so that we understand with our heart and turn so that Yahweh, the Mighty One of Yisrael, might heal us.
  24. Let us confess the Son and sin not lest we should be denied entrance into the Kingdom of heaven. For if you believe in the Son, you also believe in the Father. Selah.

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