Oil For Illumination And Anointing: Parashat VaYahkhel Reflections


Hebrew Vision News Exclusive

by Miykael Qorbanyahu aka The End Time Scribe


The anointing oil…served a double purpose: to give the anointed object a good odor, and to produce the impression that it was something great, holy, and distinguished, and better than other objects of the same species; it made no difference whether that object was a human being, a garment, or a vessel. All this aimed at producing due respect towards the Sanctuary, and indirectly fear of God. When a person enters the Temple, certain emotions are produced in him; and obstinate hearts are softened and humbled. These plans and indirect means were devised by the Law, to soften and humble man’s heart at entering the holy place, in order that he might entrust himself to the sure guidance of [Elohim]’s commandments.

– Rambam. Guide for the Perplexed. Book Part III, Chapter XLV. pg 359

And the rulers brought shoham stones, and the stones to be set in the shoulder garment and in the breastplate, and the spices and the oil for the light, and for the anointing oil, and for the sweet incense.

Exodus 35.27-28


Related imageAccording to the Universal Law of Vibration, everything in creation has its own vibratory frequency. Earth, stones, metals, woods, cloths, plants, animals and humans each have their own unique rates of vibration which they emit that ultimately connects both naturally occurring organic and inorganic material to the Grand Unified Field of Consciousness. The reason for this connection is because all immaterial and material matters in creation derives from a single Source of consciousness. Of this reality the Scriptures unequivocally expresses at Genesis 1.1 which states, in the beginning Elohim created the heavens and the earth.

Image result for exodus 36:13 bibleAs relates to the law of vibration and consciousness, it is the existence of atoms which suggests that all systems with their corresponding constituent parts are interconnected and united, resonating as a result of their vibrations at their respective rates. It can also be observed, as has been discussed in a previous writing on Hebrew Vision News, that the Tabernacle, though it is made of many components and vessels, is also interconnected and unified. What this week’s parashat, VaYak’hel, which translates into and he assembled, or, and  he gathered, indirectly addresses is the principle of unification as the work of the Tabernacle draws to a conclusion and the functional dynamic of the Tent of Meeting takes its shape in Yisraelite society.

It is the existence of atoms, nonetheless, which suggests that all systems and their constituent parts are interconnected and united in the grand scheme of life. Of the principle of the oneness of creation, science has long understood that every element and product of creation is composed of atoms. Understood to be the building blocks of the universe, atImage result for protonsoms are indivisible particles which compose all matter. Atoms themselves are composed of protons, neutrons and electrons. These essential elements each have their own distinctive vibratory rates and play a specific role in the overall structure of the atom. Though these elements are distinctive in their make up, their correspondence allows for a harmonization of energy within the nucleus of the atom which then provides the very substance of whatever it is that’s animated with their presence. Their vibration, or energy levels, are determined by the amount of external stimuli that affects them. To detail this process of atomic excitation, or ionization, a response to an inquiry of how atomic particles vibrate  on Quora is described as such:

The vibration of atomic particles, including electrons and nuclei, is a quantum phenomenon.  That is, there are discreet energy levels of vibration with no “in between”.  So an electron in the “electron cloud” around the nucleus of an atom (typically an electron whose ground state is in the highest energy level of that cloud) will jump to a higher level of vibration (a higher energy level), when it receives energy from outside the atom (either from absorption of a photon or from receiving kinetic energy from another atom which enters then leaves that atoms electromagnetic field). 

With the completion of the Tabernacle, it can be said that each atomic member of Yisrael received outside energy from heaven and was ionized, thus bringing their collective vibratory rate to a higher level. This was intended to increase the capacity of the people of Yisrael’s spiritual power, of which the most potent power of all is that of prophecy, so as to fulfill their national role as a kingdom of priests. Therefore, as the construction of the Tabernacle had drawn to a close, the instructions were then given to the people to erect the structure and bring all of Image result for atomic structure of the wilderness tabernacleits vessels into the edifice. Once all of the vessels were brought in and properly positioned, a most auspicious and powerful process was prophetically revealed for the priesthood to undertake in order to consecrate the structure with its vessels and ministers. The command to smear oil on both organic and inorganic material was specifically given for this purpose. With this act, a further excitation of the atomic structure of both the objects and the priests occurred, which affected an altered state of molecular energy and hence allowed for everything to become less dense and more sublime in structure and capacity. We see this suggested in the last chapter of Exodus, as it is written

You shall take the anointing oil and anoint the Mishkan and everything within it, and you shall set it apart and all its furnishings; thus it will become set-apart. You shall anoint the altar for the burnt offering and all its implements; you shall sanctify the altar; thus the altar will become most set-apartYou shall anoint the washstand and its base and set it apart. And you shall bring Aaron and his sons near the entrance of the Tent of Meeting, and you shall bathe them in waterAnd you shall clothe Aaron with the set-apart garments, and you shall anoint him and set him apart so that he may serve Me [as a kohen]. And you shall bring his sons near and clothe them with tunicsAnd you shall anoint them, as you have anointed their father, so that they may serve Me [as kohanim]. And this shall be so that their anointment shall remain for them an everlasting kehunah throughout their generations.

Exodus 40.9-15

In Hebrew, the word for oil is shemen (שֶׁמֶן) which is translated as fatness or richness. Oil in the Levant region is considered as a staple, medicament or unguent. Oil also suggests the idea, according to the Dictionary of Torah Names and Words, of the utilization of the flow of potentiality. As we will discuss shortly, oils have unique vibratory frequencies which when applied to a surface raises the rate of vibration of whatever it comes into contact with. This principle of organic science was shown to Moshe for the purposes of setting both people and objects apart, as well as for the unification of consciousness collectively among the priesthood, the living instruments of spiritual conduction for Yisrael, with the sephirot of Keter.

1anointing1As we read from the passage above of how when oil was applied to the Tabernacle, its furnishings and the priests were set them apart. This is what is known as an anointing. In Hebrew, the word mashach (מָשַׁח) means to smear, or spread a liquid for the purpose of consecrating an individual, group or object. When referring to the Dictionary of Torah Names and Words again, we discover that this process contains a most powerful purpose, which is to bring forth a dormant inner reality within the individual who is anointed in order to properly perform their capacities of their office in confirmation of the spiritual flow already evident. Therefore, it is through the process of anointing that the flow of potential is able to be actualized in the individual who undergoes this ritual.

Interestingly, מָשַׁח is the root word of Mashiyach (מָשִׁיחַ), or Messiah, which is typically understood as a consecrated person designated to fulfill an office or purpose. On a deeper level, however, the office and title of Mashiyach embodies the strength of the Spirit in the Son of the Covenant. According to Judaism 101,

The mashiyach will be a great political leader descended from King David (Jeremiah 23:5). The mashiyach is often referred to as “mashiyach ben David” (mashiyach, son of David). He will be well versed in Jewish law, and observant of its commandments (Isaiah 11:2-5). He will be a charismatic leader, inspiring others to follow his example. He will be a great military leader, who will win battles for Israel. He will be a great judge, who makes righteous decisions (Jeremiah 33:15).

Image result for the anointing ruach ha kodeshWhile there is a physical anointing with oil that takes place, it should also be clearly understood that there is also a spiritual anointing that exists. The anointing of the Spirit of Yah should be most desirous for the household of faith. For it is when individuals and groups are anointed with the Set-apart Spirit, or the ruach haqodesh (רוּחַ הַקֹּדֶשׁ), the divine inspiration to achieve extraordinary feats and to comprehend mysteries are well within the individuals grasp. This should be understood, however, as not some magical transferal or osmotic process, yet a cultivation of ability to the point of arriving at a full confidence in one’s ability after having acquired mastery of one’s innate gifts. This is what is spoken of in the Nazarene Codicil’s Epistle of the Acts of Disciples of Yahoshua where it is documented,

You know what word came to be throughout all Yahuḏah, beginning from Galil after the immersion which Yoḥanan proclaimed: how Elohim did anoint יהושע of Natsareth with the Set-apart Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for Elohim was with Him.

Acts 10.37-38

Image result for essential oils 1000000 mhzWhile the spiritual anointing is a matter of supreme science, let us briefly examine the science of anointing with essential oils and their affect on our genetic makeup as relates to our rate of vibration. This rate of vibration is the measurement of hertz levels. Hertz levels are defined as the frequency unit of the vibration cycle time of electric, magnetic, acoustic and mechanical vibration, i.e., the number of times [vibration occurs] per second (cycle/sec). It is understood that the higher our bodies vibrate, the more ethereal our bodies and consciousness are able to become.

An independent research conducted by Tainio Technologies determined that the average frequency of the human body during the daytime is 62-68 Hz. A healthy body frequency is 62-72 Hz . When the frImage result for vibrational frequency of olive oilequency drops, the immune system is compromised. This  rate of vibration is increased when our bodies, either through topical or inhalation intake methods into our receptors, come into contact with essential oils. It has been discovered that essential oils vibrate in the range of megahertz (MHz), which has a frequency equal to 1,000,000 cycles per second. Therefore, when we are exposed to essential oils, a natural correspondence occurs which allows for our vibratory rates to increase. This spiritual practice is able to expeditiously facilitate the process of spiritual enlightenment within.

Being that our skin is our largest organ and sense receptor, when oil is applied to it, a powerful internal chemical reaction takes place. This is because the skin, as an absorbent, is able to diffuse the properties into the bloodstream from the receptors that are present.

This was well understood by Moshe who instructed the artisans to concoct a mixture of anointing oil. The creation of this oil of anointing was composed of five basic ingredients:

  • Myrrh Essential Oil – 500 shekels.
  • Cassia Essential Oil – 500 shekels.
  • Cinnamon Essential Oil – 250 shekels.
  • Calamus Essential Oil – 250 shekels and.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1 hin)

Each of these ingredients have benefits and properties that contribute to the effectiveness of its topical application for the purpose of the elevation of consciousness and consecration. Those benefits are as follows:

Myrrh: Contains a high content of sesquiterpenes, a class of compounds that have a direct effect on the pituitary, hypothalamus, and amygdala, the seat of our emotions. It is purifying, restorative, revitalizing, and uplifting.

Cassia: Cassia essential oil helps to release the energy of worthless, unimportant and suppression that keeps us separate from our higher self and our divine source. I get that this was why it was used in the Holy Anointing Oil given to Moses.

Cinnamon: Used to stimulate mental powers, focus of intent and concentration, to open channels for communication on spiritual as well as physical planes, to open heart charka…and to clear the energy blockages connected to issues of giving and receiving...

Calamus: Calamus root (Acorus calamus) is a major herb for the mind and meditation, and is highly revered by yogis. Ancient yogis and seers used this herb and it is said to stimulate the power of self-expression and to enhance intelligence. Calamus promotes circulation to the brain, sharpens memory, enhances awareness, and increases communication. The yogic name, Vacha, means “speech” and refers to its action on the fifth chakra and its propensity to help you speak from your highest consciousness.

Olive Oil: The rabbis in the Midrash note about olives and olive oil that what 1anointingbegan as bitter ends as sweet (Sefer HaShirim Rabbah 1:2). It is reported that the Seer of Lublin said, “the olive represents the high spiritual state where a person’s devotion is so intense that he is absorbed into the divine nothingness, so that each moment he forgets and remembers nothing. Olive oil, said the seer, represents the state of drawing this exalted divine light down to where memory returns in the form of wisdom” (Rosh Hashanah LaIlanot, p.60). This comparison of olive oil to divine light is both metaphorical and very literal — for olive oil is literally the fuel that was burned in the Temple lights. The rabbis taught: “Just as olive oil [used for lamps] brings light to the world, so do the People of Israel bring light to the world, as it says: Nations shall walk by your light'” (Isaiah 60:3) (Shir Hashirim Rabbah 1:2).

Powerfully, when we combine the Hebrew words of these most essential herbs and oils, we arrive at a most powerful insight. It can be said, therefore, that one can take (קַח־לְךָ) their head ( רֹאשׁ) to heaven (בְּשָׂמִים) when one is strengthened (מָר) by being made erect (וְקִנְּמָן) like an illuminating olive tree (וְקִנְּמָן) and acquire ( וּקְנֵה) the fragrance of heaven (בֹשֶׂם) after inclining oneself (וְקִדָּה) to obtain the set apart anointing (מִשְׁחַת־קֹדֶשׁ).

For it is this anointing that each individual in the nation of Yisrael must seek and allow to manifest within, as it is the anointing that will infuse us with the vibrations necessary, by elevating our atomic structure, to attain a level of consciousness by which we will be able to fulfill our heavenly purpose on Earth. Then, and only then, will we illuminate humanity with our true countenance of light and bring truth, justice, order, righteousness, peace and love back to this sin drenched planet. For when we realize our properties and actualize our potential, then we too will able to raise the vibration of the other nations so that all of humanity will have a higher resonating consciousness so that the fullness of the Shekinah may indwell those who have ascended to such a sublime level of consciousness. As it is written,

And He came to Natsareth, where He had been brought up. And according to His practice, He went into the congregation on the Sabbath day, and stood up to read. And the scroll of the prophet Yeshayahu was handed to Him. And having unrolled the scroll, He found the place where it was written: “The Spirit of יהוה is upon Me, because He has anointed Me to bring the Good News to the poor. He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to send away crushed ones with a release, to proclaim the acceptable year of יהוה.” And having rolled up the scroll, He gave it back to the attendant and sat down. And the eyes of all in the congregation were fixed upon Him. And He began to say to them, “Today this Scripture has been filled in your hearing.”



Other references for essential oils and the science of vibration:
























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