Divine Judgment: An #Afrofuture Short Story


Epa Adinkra symbol for Justice

Hebrew Vision News Exclusive

by Miykael Qorbanyahu


…His severe wrath shall he sharpen for a sword, and creation shall fight with him against the madmen. Shafts of lightening will fly with true aim; and from the clouds, as from a well drawn bow, shall they fly to the mark. And hailstones full of wrath shall be hurled as from a catapult, and the water of the sea shall rage against them, and the floods shall cruelly drown them. Yea, a mighty wind shall stand up against them, and like a storm shall blow them away: lawlessness shall lay waste the whole earth, and evil-doing shall overthrow the thrones of the mighty.

Wisdom of Solomon 5.20-23


“Your honor, we the jury find the defendant, Officer Lucious Cascone, not guilty of all charges.”

For just a short few moments, there was stillness. The following events that transpired caused everything in creation to shift and the scales of justice once again struck balance.

With that decision, a series of events was set into motion of which the power structure of the entire country was unequipped nor spiritually prepared to deal with.  Who would’ve thought that this mid-sized Midwestern city would be the portal of divine judgment meant to destroy the very foundation of this entirely corrupted nation? But this was prophetic fulfillment; the tipping point; the last straw that broke the camel’s back. Yes, it was the continued shedding of the blood of unarmed, innocent until proven guilty, extra-judicially murdered African descendants that drew Amerikkka closer to its final destination.

Moses Moore was a righteous man. Though he wasn’t always so, he had learned to see the world through a different lens after his time served in the military as a leatherneck and devil dog. The fact that it was his last option to becoming either a ghost or an inmate moved him to reconsider his plight as an oppressed so-called Black man in Amerikkka who was known in the streets as one of the most ruthless leaders of the Taliban Gang.

He had grown up on 39th and Prospect; the epicenter of drugs, crime and violence in the city. He dropped out of school in 10th grade because nothing that he was learning while at Central High challenged him. But Moses was a reader and a leader. He had read Sun Tzu’s Art of War, the Autobiography of Malcolm X, Dr. Welsing’s the Isis Papers: Keys to the Colors, Michael Bradley’s Iceman Inheritance and several other jewels that gave him knowledge of self. His mother was the source of his wisdom, but Moses was called to the streets to make ends meet because his mother had both of her feet amputated from diabetes and couldn’t work anymore, and so her meager $777.70 per month disability check wasn’t enough to cut the cheese.

After facing an assault and battery charge against an officer, he was given the option of hard time or enlisting for front line combat in the military. Moses chose the latter. Though his head was full of knowledge, early on he wasn’t able to process everything in order to make sense of the whole. But that gap was filled while he was on active duty during Obama’s continued raid of Iraqi lands for almighty gold, oil and drugs, or what the West worships as almighty god.

It took him some time to come to his senses, but after his last training experience in Israel with Mossad in asymmetric urban warfare, he finally realized that the life of his people hung in the balance, and so he figured that if he didn’t get involved in the redirection of the scales of life and death that his people were being weighed in, their demise was inevitable.

While in Israel, Moses met a mystic from the Edenic Israelite priestly order of Melkitzedek during one of his visits to Jerusalem’s Old City. After their initial divine appointment, Moses ended up spending every moment of his time off duty with Enoch ben Obadyah, an indigenous Levite who lived in Jericho, learning the ancient mysteries of kabbalah. It was during one of his intensive meditations that he tapped into a dimension which allowed him to experience an ancient future vision of which his entire existence was compressed into one geo-politically redefining moment. During this vision he was shown that his life would be the catalyst for the foretold wrath of heaven to fall on the entire country of the United Snakes of Amerikkka, as he would experience the death of a martyr. Inspired, informed and intent on being an example of transformation, Moses drew from the energy of the Tree of Life and set out from that day until his resignation to patiently wait for the moment to reveal to his people what he was shown in the spirit.

Immediately following his honorable discharge from the Marines as a commanding officer, Moses returned focus on organizing the urban core on both sides of the water in the greater Kansas City area. Being that he was quite familiar with the street element and codes, he was easily able to access the heads of the street orgs that were known to sow havoc on the streets of what some call Killa City.

His organizing activity lowered crime rates and reduced drug trafficking significantly which raised red flags for the municipal powers who derived much of the funding for their private operations off the scrilla they extorted and embezzled from illicit activities in the hood. Moses knew his dealings would draw heat in his direction, but he was prepared to pay the cost for doing so, especially given that he signed his life away for something that he considered of much lesser significance as he became a decorated officer for the muscle of Amerikkka’s imperial militia.

Moses taught urban warfare to the guerillas in the concrete jungle. He assigned reading material and provided political education. He changed diets and practiced tai chi and chi gung with his troops. They stretched, trained, fasted, meditated, prayed and studied both Torah and Kabbalah. He was connecting them with other movements across the country and around the globe, and was the lightening rod for those who had chose to join him to ride the waves of consciousness that he was channeling with the ancient Hebraic arts and sciences. Moses well innerstood that it wasn’t the military sciences that frightened the power structure from which they had began to distance themselves, rather it was the restoration of the spirits and minds of a people who had been alchemically transformed by the afflication and oppression that they were cast into for the past 2 millennia which threatened their oppressors institution. This was a cosmic realinging and metaphysical reconfiguration of divine gridlines which was thought to be forever severed in this dimension of time and space.

The night that officer Cascone murdered Moses, who was unarmed and alone in his home, there were earthquakes, tornado’s,  lightening and hail storms, fires and flash floods that ripped across the entire country; the likes of which were had never been seen before and were comparable to what is considered a Geo-storm. The collateral damage of the aftermath left scores dead and millions displaced of which none were affected in every urban center where Afrikan people were found. This aberration of activity left every level of organization, local to federal government, in a state of absolute bewilderment. There were smaller outbreaks in concentrated areas where microbursts and sinkholes swallowed up entire communities, and there was absolutely nothing that authorities and agencies could do to prevent the natural disasters that were seemingly attacking focus groups across Amerikkka. But all of this was nothing compared to what took place after the trail of ghostskin police officer Lucious Cascone.

Subsequent to the verdict, for just a short few moments, there was stillness. The following events that transpired caused everything in creation to shift and the scales of justice once again struck balance. A full solar eclipse completely covered the entire nation in darkness, and every corrupt official and individual in the United Snakes of Amerikkka experienced a horrific death at the hands of nature. There was nothing that the power structure of the entire country could do as the response units and other administrations were unequipped nor spiritually prepared to deal with the divine judgment that fell on the heads of the wicked, as they were rendered powerless.

What couldn’t be understood by those who had fallen under the penalty of the divine law, was more significantly an answer to the prayers and focus of the consciousness to those who had been victims of an oppressive and wicked system for entirely too long.


Note: This writing has a total of 1377 words. When I went to look up the #1377 in the Strong’s Lexicon of Hebrew words, it yielded the word גְבִירָה/gebiyrah, which means a mistress, or wife of a king. This word comes from גְּבִיר/gebiyr, which has as its meaning lord, so called from the idea of power. Both of these words have their root in the word גָּבַר/gabar which has as its meanings to prevail, have strength, be strong, be powerful, be mighty, be great. From these ideas, the meaning of this writing is to demonstrate the principle that the mistress, bride or wife of the Master יהוה, which is the people of Zion, will prevail over and have strength to overcome her enemies when she becomes strong, powerful, mighty and great in the spirit. Selah…

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