Entering Eternity’s Essence: #Afrofuturist Short Story #2


Mmere Dane Adinkra symbol for time change and life’s dynamics

Hebrew Vision News Exclusive

by Miykael Qorbanyahu aka The End Time Scribe


So ummmmmm…yeah, I guess I’ll start off by saying that my astral chart is off the map. Hmph, I mean, in all seriousness and in the most humble of senses, it’s really on a completely different level.

Related imageTruth be told, it’s actually kinda hard to explain it in some ways, but I’ll try to keep it as simple as possible for you, aiight. Thing is you’re gonna have to pay close attention to what I’m about to share, and make sure that you do your due diligence researching the info. I always tell people to do that no matter who you’re dealing with and never accept anything anyone says as true off the flip without proving it to be true or false for yourself first.

So back to the matter at hand; see, the day I was born there was a full planetary alignment. It was also the summer solstice and  there was a full solar eclipse that day which had reached its totality at the moment that I came out of my mother’s womb.

Psss, crazy, I know right?

That’s a whole lot to consider but what’s even crazier is that quantum physicists recently have said that the Earth’s Schuman Resonance  was recorded at an all time record high up to that point in time registering at 30 hertz at 3 pm on June 21st that year, which was the EXACT time that I was introduced to the world.

Now you’re probably thinking, man, what in the world is the Schuman Resonanace? Well, basically it’s the measurement of the planet’s electromagnetic waves created by an increase of electrical activity in the ionosphere. So it’s like when there’s lightening storms, there’s an increase in the Earth’s frequency. The Resonance is also associated with human consciousness, and is connected with an evolutionary shift of humanity to a higher level of being. Hopefully you’re starting to see where I’m going with this now.

So anyway, it doesn’t even stop there, yo! Get this; there was no one else on the entire planet who was born on June 21st either an hour before or after 3 pm that year. No one! Tripped out huh? Yup, I mean, this stuff is absolutely unprecedented, sun.

And to top all of this off, what absolutely takes the cake, believe it or not, is that I remember EV! RE! THING! Everything!

Related imageI’ve asked myself since day one, like, yo, how in the world is all this even possible? It used to kinda drive me crazy because it didn’t make any kind of sense to me for my first 13 years. I mean, imagine being a day old newbie with all this information and knowledge in your head and starting off life knowing more than you’re parents, pastors, teachers, public officials, police officers, lawyers, judges, politicians and presidents? I’ve dealt with them all from the time I was like 2 years old up to now. They’ve all questioned me and everything they asked, it’s like I just intuitively knew. I remember even thinking to myself a couple times like, dude, for real!

I mean, who does that type stuff? Seriously!

And like from day one my parents have been extremely proud of me, but at the same time, they were absolutely overwhelmed by everything, you know! They used have these stuck faces and would just look and stare at me with all this wonder and concern in their eyes, like lil boy, where in all of creation did you come from? And then when I told them, they were even more stuck but just chuckled and shook their heads because they just couldn’t wrap their minds around anything I told them. You could tell they thought they were in a dream or something.

But they finally came to the full comprehension and acceptance of my purpose in life when I turned 13 and wound up taking them with me a mission back in time. Yup, I’ll get to that shortly. It was then that they started breathing a little easier as they saw me in light of the responsibilities that I’ve been given by the Creator and my ancestors and not just as their son. It was hard at first in all honestly for them to allow me going about doing what it is I do because of their natural fears for me, which is understandable being that they’re my folks, you know. But before I get into all that, which I’ll tell you about another time, let me drop this on you in order to put everything in context, alright. Now, I hope you’re ready to take this all in because we about to go in, fam! And I mean, all the way in.

So there’s this country in Africa called Mali, right. It’s a Mid-Northwestern country that was once a part of a vast empire known for its wealth of gold and salt. Prior to the Islamic invasion of Askia Muhammad and his forced conversion of populations in the late 15th and early 16th century, there were Hebrew communities all over the West Coast of Africa and especially in Timbuktu. If you haven’t read Rudolph Windsor’s book from Babylon to Timbuktu about the Hebrew presence there, then that’s something that you need to get on right away. But the Israelite’s there were called kol Yahud Bilad al-Sudan, or Jews of the Land of the Blacks.

It’s been said that these Hebrew people’s presence in Mali goes back to times of the Shasu of YHWH around the time of Moses and Aaron when they lead the children of Israel out of captivity from Egypt. Eldad the Danite, a Hebrew explorer and historian, said that they traveled across the continent and settled in several areas such as modern Algeria, Mali, Morocco, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Angola and even as far south and east as Zimbabwe, Tanzania and South Africa. They even went up to Spain and that’s where the Rambam and ibn Pakuda developed their African genius. But there’s also the Masai, Lemba, Ibgo, Ashanti, Zulu and other tribes who have been identified as Israelites in the African diaspora. One of the renown Israelite leaders in Africa was Queen Kahina in Algeria who fought off early Arab invasions.

But back to Mali and the Dogon; eventually other waves of Israelite tribes, such as those of Dan during the split of the united kingdom during Yeroboam and Rehoboam’s days, as well as the Judean tribes of Judah, Benjamin and Levi made their way into Western Africa after the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem after 70 CE. As these waves of Israelite refugees settled all over West Africa, some of them eventually merged with some indigenous peoples there and became what is known as the Dogon people.

They say the Dogon are from Egypt, but what they don’t tell you is that they’re Afro-Asiatic peoples and speak a language close to Hebrew, because many are in fact descendants of the Israelites. Interestingly, when you examine the history and cultural practices of the Dogon people, you’ll discover the affinity that exists between them and Israel. In fact, the rituals of circumcision and the observance of Jubilee years are two of the most interest nexus that exists between these peoples. There’s other customs too like the wearing of head coverings called kippot as the tranditional prayer shawls called tallit. But what’s most telling is the innerstanding of the cosmos and astronomical configurations as relates to their telling of time and discernment of time that these two peoples share.

The Three Heavens of the BibleWhat’s so deep about these groups is that as relates to their practice of time telling and discernment of signs, the Dogon and Israelites are without rival. Their measurement of the seasons is based on their cosmological knowledge of the Sirius star constellation as well as their calculations of cycles of time with Jubilees in the construct of the 25,800 years it takes for the sun to travel through the 12 houses of the Zodiac This is called the Great Year. So basically, with this in mind, time to the Dogon and Israelites is a matter that not related to a linear timeline, as is the Western conception, which proceeds from point A to point B. Rather my ancestors experienced time as a circular, holistic and continuous reality. To them time is a construct which can manipulated by consciousness when one is able to elevate and align theirs with the supreme Mind behind space and time.

But check this out right quick, I have to say this as relates to Sirius. Now here’s the real deal about this constellation, some people believe that an entirely different serpent-like species came and taught humanity about life and truth and things like that, but this has been completely misunderstood and embellished because of the mythos which contains the truth. The reason for this is because Sirius constellation is in another dimension of time-space. Being that this is the case, reality there is a completely different experience. This realm is of pure emanation and consciousness. The entities there are composed of energy, both positive and negative, notice I didn’t say good and bad, because those are relativities we’ve placed on existence after the Garden experience, but yeah, those entities have the ability to materialize in the form of visions and thoughts to us. These thoughts were channeled by the priests of Israel and the Dogon who were then able discern their intentions, harness their energies, tap into a higher consciousness and thereby receive revelations about time and space which were far and beyond the periphery of the naked eye and the unenlightened mind.

Israel and the Dogon ultimately understood that time is held together by the tetragrammaton, or the four letter name of the Creator and Mighty One of Israel, which is יהוה. It is the prophetic apprehension of time, based on what is called in quantum physics as retrocausality, or a backwards rendering of time, that allows them to do some powerful works. So in other words its basically like time is running towards us from the end and we’re encountering events as they have already happened in a future sense. This is what memory is really about, what the prophet Isaiah spoke of when he prophesied “Remember the former events of old, for I am Ěl, and there is no one else – Elohim, and there is no one like Me, declaring the end from the beginning, and from of old that which has not yet been done, saying, ‘My counsel does stand, and all My delight I do,’ calling a bird of prey from the east, the man who executes My counsel, from a distant land. Indeed I have spoken it, I also bring it to pass. I have planned it, I also do it.” Now dig that!

But yeah, it was the mastery of math and astronomy which Israel and the Dogon had acquired that allowed for them to actually bend the dimensions of time-space. With their knowledge, which was derived from their ancestral history and orally passed on from one generation to the next, those who are initiated into these mysteries of sacred science have been known to altar and reshape the course of history.  Sometimes, as in my case, there are children who are born with a complete understanding of time and space. Messiah Yahoshua was such a one. Benjamin Banneker was also a child like that who later became a prodigy and used his prowess to design clocks, cities and almanacs with precision. Everyone has their gifts and course that they have to walk which brings a deeper manifestation of reality into existence.

And so I shared all of this history because these are the people from who I come. I’m an Israelite Dogon and have been born with the prophetic ability to not only see into the future, but also to go back and reshape the past in order to align time more with the Cosmic will of יהוה in space. See, basically, I’m like a living Torah scroll, and like I said earlier, I’ve been able to remember everything from the time that the Creator first thought me into existence. From that point on, I’ve had a connection with my Father and King in most powerful way. Though most the world looks at me strange, I’m able to understand their reasons for doing so and empathize with them in regards to their limited, or void, conscious connection to the Creator. And for this reason, I was born; to bring back that connection to the children of earth, so that eventually, they too will be able enter the essence of eternity and become with our Father and one another. And guess what, the time for this evolutionary shift is right around the corner, as we’re approaching the next precession of the equinoxes.

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